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What is Telos Academy?

Telos Academy is a tutoring center based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We strive to help students achieve their full potential in academics and more.  Our telos, or goal, is not simply to teach students, but also to guide and mentor them to be their best possible self.

Our Philosophy

"If the purpose for learning is to score well on a test, we've lost sight of the real reason for learning."

- Jeannie Fulbright


At TELOS Academy, we believe every student possesses great potential.  We work together with our students to make this potential a reality.  In a more competitive and complex world, we don't need another high-scorer; we need great individuals of dream and character that will contribute to humanity.


At TELOS Academy, we believe learning is achieved through relationships. Our staff and teachers are not here to satisfy another hour of teaching, but to coach, supervise, and mentor students to reach their goals.


At TELOS Academy, we believe in individualized learning.  Not every student learns in the same way and at the same pace. That's why at TELOS Academy, each student is carefully assessed and given customized individual learning materials each session.


At TELOS Academy, we will work together with students to find and realize their dreams together..

One student at a time!


What's your Telos?

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